Incompatible Macs
In general, software written for a Mac will run on virtually any Mac, provided you have enough hard disk space and enough RAM (and a CD-ROM drive, if the software comes on a CD!). Here are some exceptions that you may want to be aware of. Don't be fooled by the length of the list; it isn't really very restrictive.

Very old machines:

Specific hardware needs:

Bad programming:

Note that the Mac Plus (only the third Mac ever made) can go up to 4 MB of RAM and has a SCSI port. This will run even the current System, 7.5.5 (but you probably want to drop back to System 6 to make more RAM available). Since the current market value of a Mac Plus is approximately zero, boosting one to 4 MB of RAM and putting WriteNow on it is probably the cheapest way to get a machine that will let you do serious work.

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