Notes for New Eleusis

Notes copyright 1995 by David Matuszek

New Eleusis is a simulation of scientific research. The general idea is that the dealer (in the role of ``God'' or ``Nature'') thinks up a rule that governs the correct play of the cards. The other players (``Scientists'') take turns playing cards (``performing experiments'') and race one another to see who can come up with a good theory about the rule. The first player with a theory can declare himself/herself to be a ``prophet'' who can predict the results of the other player's experiments. Other players then try to bring about the overthrow of the prophet by trying to find experiments whose results cannot be predicted (thus gaining a chance to become prophet themselves).

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There is a separate page with the rules.

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Eleusis was invented by Robert Abbott in 1956, and improved to New Eleusis by 1976. These rules were adapted from Martin Gardner's column, "Mathematical Games," in the October 1977 issue of Scientific American magazine.