CSC 8310   Linguistics of Programming Languages
Dr. David Matuszek
Fall 1997, Villanova University

Appriximate Syllabus

Aug 26 Introduction; BNF; LISP
Sep 2 More LISP
Sep 9 More LISP
Sep 16 LISP quiz; Introduction to Prolog
Sep 23 More Prolog
Sep 30 More Prolog
Oct 7 Prolog quiz; Introduction to Gofer (Haskell)
Oct 14 Semester recess (no class)
Oct 21 More Gofer
Oct 28 Gofer quiz; Introduction to Java
Nov 4 More Java
Nov 11 More Java
Nov 18 More Java
Nov 25 More Java; Java quiz
Dec 2 Other languages
Dec 9 Friday class schedule (no CSC 8310 class)
Dec 16 Final Exam

The above list of dates makes it appear that we will be studying only particular programming languages, not principles of programming languages. In fact, we will discuss principles throughout the course, and the quizzes will also cover such material.