CSC 8310   Linguistics of Programming Languages

Dr. David Matuszek,
Fall 1997, Villanova University


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Here is a solution to the problem with using inner classes that has been giving some people trouble.

Phil DiBono found a compiler for SWI-Prolog which is probably a better version of Prolog than the one we have been using. William Eisele reports that the workaround works fine with SWI-Prolog, but I don't yet know what numbers he used, or whether it will work with PD-Prolog.

You might be interested in The Language List, collected information on about 1225 languages, past and present.

Date Covered in class Handouts Links to related material
Aug 26 Introduction;
Questionnaire What is BNF notation?
The BNF Web Club (see especially the BNF for Lisp)
Sep 2 More LISP Syllabus
A Concise Introduction to Lisp
First Lisp Assignment
LISP Primer is an online Lisp textbook.
Sep 9 More LISP Second Lisp Assignment -- Polynomial Manipulation All About Recursion
Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language
Sep 16 LISP quiz;
Introduction to Prolog
A Concise Introduction to Prolog
First Prolog assignment--Adventure game
Adventure game source code
Sample run of adventure game
Lisp Quiz
Here's a Prolog course found on the Web.
Sep 23 BNF again;
Types (primitive and derived);
More Prolog
Sample grammar and railroad diagrams for a simple language  
Sep 30 No class    
Oct 7 More Prolog    
Oct 14 Prolog quiz;
Introduction to Gofer (Haskell)
A Concise Introduction to Gofer/Haskell
Prolog Quiz
Introduction to Functional Programming with Haskell
A Gentle Introduction to Haskell
Gofer: A Tutorial Introduction
Gofer Manual
Oct 21 More Gofer Haskell Assignment  
Oct 28 Gofer quiz;
Introduction to Java
Haskell Quiz From Sun's Java site you can download the Java Development Kit, or read and/or download the documentation for the 1.0.2 API or the 1.1.4 API. You can also view or download an online Java tutorial.
Nov 4 More Java Second Java Assignment--Simple text to HTML translator A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Nov 11 More Java   FileCopy for Java 1.0.2
FileCopy for Java 1.1
(Both from the O'Reilly "Nutshell" books)
Nov 18 More Java   Thinking in Java, by Bruce Eckel, is an online textbook that looks like it might be very good.
Nov 25 More Java    
Dec 2 Java quiz (new date)
Other languages
Java quiz  
Dec 9 Friday class schedule (no CSC 8310 class) No class.  
Dec 16 Final Exam    

The Lisp and Prolog papers on the Web are slightly modified versions of the class handouts; there are no important differences between the two versions.

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