Built-in predicates

Prolog has a large number of built-in predicates. The following is a partial list of predicates which should be present in all implementations.

Input predicates
read, get, get0, see, seen.

Output predicates
write, writeq, tab, nl, put, tell, told.

Control predicates
X ; Y, (X -> Y), (X -> Y ; Z), not X, true, repeat, fail, !, abort.

Database manipulation predicates
assert, asserta, assertz, retract, abolish, clause, save, restore.

Arithmetic predicates
is, +, -, *, /, mod, =:=, =\=, >, <, >=, =<.

Listing and debugging predicates
listing, trace, notrace, spy P, nospy P, nospyall, debug, nodebug, tracing controls.

atom, atomic, number, integer, float, var, nonvar, ==, \==.

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