Who We Are

The Matuszek family, originally of Malvern, Pennsylvania, although we've established branch campuses in Texas, Virginia, and the Pacific Northwest. We've ended up as a family that almost exclusively works with, on, or near computers (somewhat to the bemusement of those of us who didn't originally intend to go that route). We maintain this web page (sometimes) as a resource for our various and sundry presences on the web.

If you're looking for someone specific, check the nav bar – or you can just poke around, we're friendly. And if you got here by searching for "House of Chaos" and can't figure out why, well... our family gatherings include students, roboticists, AI researchers, sysadmins, software developers, professors, tech writers, Japanese translators, Tzeltal speakers, programming language enthusiasts, social workers, and logicians. It gets chaotic.

In More Detail

A family tree

A snippet of our family tree. It's a work in progress, but then most family trees are.

Random Fun Stuff